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Moving to Switzerland can seem like a demanding challenge, which is why Swissify helps you in the process. You should meet the following requirements:

  • You already have a job or university place.

  • You originate from a EU/EFTA country.

  • You are about to move to Switzerland by yourself.

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You no longer need to browse hundreds of websites. With Swissify your entire move to Switzerland is organised and planned in one place.

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We provide all of our information and extra tips to you completely free of charge and in the most simple way possible.

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  • Generate a personalised timeline

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If you need any additional help to make your transition to Switzerland hassle-free, then we are happy to offer a wide variety of services.

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What is Swissify?

Swissify is an online based relocation tool that supports you in your move to Switzerland. In simple terms, Swissify is your personal assistant which supports you in all important aspects of your journey. The relocation to a foreign country is a very important and unique step in your life, so the many tasks you will have to face can quickly become frightening and overwhelming. Thanks to Swissify you will always know what to do next and how to do it. If you need additional help, our relocation experts are always there for you!

How does Swissify work?

With Swissify you get a personalised timeline that takes you step by step closer to your goal. From clarifying whether you need a visa to finding an apartment or the right insurance. You will find information and concrete instructions on Swissify on all relevant points. If you create a profile, you can save your progress and personalise your timeline even further.

Who is Swissify for?

For the time being, we support all persons who come to Switzerland alone (without a family) from the EU/EFTA (nationality). Our goal is to make Swissify available to everyone as soon as possible, so please let us know which country you are from and we will notify you when Swissify will be available for your country.

I am moving to Switzerland with my partner or my entire family, can I not use Swissify?

Swissify specialises in the relocation of individuals. Couples coming to Switzerland in pairs can, of course, create an account for each person. The same applies to families (important: Swissify does not yet contain any family specific information).

How much does Swissify cost?

The basic version of Swissify is available to everyone for free. You can use it to plan your move to Switzerland free of charge and find useful information on all the steps that will guide you through the process. For more convenience, our relocation experts can provide you with paid services.

Do I need to have a subscription?

No, all paid services are one-time-purchases. You do not enter into any long-term commitments.

I have already done some of the steps you mentioned, can I still use Swissify?

Yes, you can start anywhere in the process and edit what you have already done. Try it out for yourself.

Why should I trust Swissify's process and information?

Swissify was developed together with expats and relocation experts who have several years of experience in this field. A good user experience and reliable information are of utmost importance to us.

Is Swissify an official tool of the state?

No, Swissify is an initiative of the two companies Hello Switzerland and Helvetia Insurance Switzerland.

Is my data treated in a trustworthy manner?

All data will be treated confidentially according to the European regulations. Once you have created a profile, you can check at any time what data we have on you and how we use it.