Cost of Living

  • Learn about the average monthly costs in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Taxes are relatively low, but insurance, services and food are expensive. Swiss residents still have comparatively high disposable incomes and purchasing power. Workers in Switzerland require considerably less time to earn enough to buy universal products such as a Big Mac or an iPhone X

Average monthly expenses in Switzerland

Although salaries are higher and taxes lower than the European average, a large portion of gross income goes towards obligatory health insurance and other deductions. Most people rent accommodation because property prices are high and a large down payment is required. Housing and energy account for an average of nearly 15%, transport 8%, entertainment and leisure 11.6% and food and non-alcoholic beverages 6.4% of a typical monthly household budget.

Average Cost Estimates

In the table below are some approximations for monthly average expenses in Switzerland. While these numbers are not meant to be used for exact calculations, they do provide a good initial ballpark figure.

Expense type

Price per month

Rent for two bedroom apartment

> $ 2’000

Compulsory Health Insurance

$ 335


$ 468

Groceries (for one person)

$ 458