Assess your situation to ensure your covering

  • Your personal situation is decisive when it comes to selecting the most appropriate insurance policy for your needs.

Then, assess your situation and that of your entire family to ensure that you are adequately covered both in the event of illness and accident.

A few questions to consider during your selection process

  • How long will it take for hospitalisation coverage to begin? What is the coverage limited to?

  • Is all prescribed medication covered up to 90% of the costs, or are there restrictions?

  • Is there a deductible (excess)?

  • Is prescribed treatment at a spa or wellness centre included in coverage?

  • Are there restrictions on hospitalisation outside the canton of residence?

  • What is covered whilst travelling abroad?

  • Are emergency ambulance costs covered?

  • Is a cash sum payable in the event of death?

  • Which costs are covered for dental care due to an accident?

  • Are extra charges likely to be incurred? If so, what are they?

  • What costs are included for spectacles and contact lenses?

  • Is there a waiting period for special care, maternity or other?

  • What specific treatments does this policy exclude?