Should you move your household goods?

  • Moving your belongings to Switzerland is a key part of your relocation. Will you move all of your goods, or just bring a few things.

The decision whether to bring your household goods along or not can be tough. Especially considering that feeling at home, away from home often comes down to having your own belongings at your new destination. This is particularly important for children and spouses/partners. During the first six months, home will feel connected to the possessions brought along.

Here are a few pointers to consider helping you make a rational decision:

  • Length of time to be spent abroad

  • Family situation

  • Relocation budget – for shipping and/or setting up a new home at your destination

  • Will you be sub-letting? Furnished or unfurnished?

  • The effort and emotions involved in all these options

In order to put specific values besides the aforementioned emotional factors, consider obtaining the following information:

  • Cost of storage at home

  • Cost of shipping to destination

  • Cost of onward shipping from destination at the end of your assignment

  • Cost of setting up a completely new household at your destination (buying furniture, etc.)

If you decide to bring along your household goods, consider the next step on how to go about it. If you decide not to bring along your household goods, then be sure to have a look at furnished properties and furniture rental stores in Switzerland.