Security Deposit

  • Before you can move into your new home, you will need to pay a deposit of up to 3 months rent. This can be paid to a special bank account or to a special insurance. Learn about the different options here.

Once you reach this step you will need to set up a bank guarantee / security deposit as specified in the lease contract, which can be up to 3 months rent.

The two options of payment are:

  • Depositing the money in a separate bank account in your name, which is blocked in favour of the real estate agency or landlord. You earn interest on this money but you cannot withdraw it until it is released by the agency following satisfactory termination of your lease. The real estate agency will release the deposit only after the exit inspection, the yearly utilities bill has been settled and only once all damages (if any) have been paid for.

    Pro: There are no direct costs for this option

    Con: The time frame for the release of the deposit is several months up to maximum one year. Returning the deposit to you can be difficult if you have left the country and no longer have a Swiss address and/or a regular Swiss bank account. And while there are no direct costs, this option requires an upfront cash-out of thousands of francs.

  • A contract with a security deposit insurance provider to guarantee the funds, and paying them an annual fee for this service.

    Pro: You avoid having to wire thousands of francs to a Swiss bank deposit account (mentioned above), and so this money remains available to you, which is often vital when you are setting up home in a new country.

    Con: Not every real estate agency and landlord accepts a rental guarantee. Check with your agency/landlord.

Not sure how to set up the deposit?

Do you want to keep the expenses during your relocation low? Does your agency/landlord accept a security deposit insurance?

Let Swissify experts help you set-up the security deposit insurance