Review your lease contract

  • Ensure that you understand the terms of your lease, and that the contract is in line with normal rental market practice.

If you have successfully passed the application process, you will then enter the next phase with the real estate agency.

Confirmation or refusal: You will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the lease and terms as already stated in your application. Any questions must be clarified at this time. A withdrawal might make you subject to a penalty/administrative charge, especially if this was stated.

It is now important that you review and sign the rental contract

  • Check details of specific conditions applying to your rental as stated on the first page of the lease, including start date, renewal terms, rental costs and additional charges.

  • Correct any errors and have all parties initial any changes made in the contract.

  • Check by when you have to pay the security deposit.

  • Check by when you have to pay the first rent.

  • If all is in order, you can sign the contract

Not sure if your lease contract is correct?

It’s absolutely vital to be sure about what you’re signing. Most contracts are fine, but sometimes unreasonable terms sneak in. We recommend letting a real estate market expert take a look before you sign.

Let our experts review your contract