Hand in your application

  • A comprehensive and compliant application is a must in Switzerland. Find out what this entails.

If you liked the property you visited, you should send in your application without delay. The application process for housing is a standard procedure for both Swiss citizens and foreign nationals alike.

The application documents include:

  • Application form

  • Passport copy

  • Contract of employment or confirmation of salary

  • Statement of absence of debt from local cantonal authority

  • Work and residence permit

Statement of absence of debt

This is required when moving within Switzerland. If you are relocating from abroad, you will not be able to provide this document. In some exceptions the foreign document is accepted (e.g. Germany’s Schufa Auskunft). We recommend adding a personal letter explaining you are relocating from abroad.  Adding a proof of income can be of help.

Also remember that first come, first served does not apply here. The real estate agencies will filter out candidates based on income, family situations and first impressions among other criteria. Your application will only be considered if your monthly gross salary equates to a minimum of 4 times the monthly rent.

Not yet successful with your applications?

Should you, like many other newcomers, find that your applications keep getting turned down, you can ask Swissify to compile a perfect application for you. We’ll submit to the real estate agency on your behalf, and follow up on it professionally.

Let us take care of your application